CloseBy Network from Interscapes

CloseBy Network delivers an innovative solution for remote caregiving. Real-time monitoring allows family members and trusted friends to help elderly or disabled loved ones stay in their homes longer. You'll gain insights into their daily habits, helping you understand what a normal living pattern looks like. With the CloseBy Network you and your loved one will appreciate the following features:

How does CloseBy Network from Interscapes work?

CloseBy Network is a highly flexible system that uses wireless sensors in the home to monitor your loved one's activities. The information is sent to a .secure web server that can send alerts (via email or a text message) to designated members of the Care Network. For example, an alert could be sent if your loved one is not moving about the home normally, is getting up at night excessively is not opening the refrigerator or medicine cabinet as expected, has left the stove on, or if the "Connect Me" button has been pushed. CloseBy


The left side of the graphic represents the types of scenarios you might monitor with CloseBy Network. For example, sensors placed throughout the home can let you know if your mother is up and moving about normally in the morning; if she is opening the refrigerator to eat or the medicine cabinet to take medicine; or if the garage door, front door or back door are being opened. The system can also alert you of any dangers, such as the stove being left on, or if she has fallen.

Built on the Control4 home automation platform, CloseBy Network uses a combination of advanced sensors and software, tied to a web application. Families choose what to monitor, how to receive the information, and who should be sent alerts. Depending on sensor location, family members and other authorized care-givers can receive alerts when normal behavior patterns change, if there is no activity within a specified time, or if your loved one pushes the Contact Me button for help.

Secure Web Server

Information gathered by the sensors is then transferred wirelessly to CloseBy Network's Secure Web Server. Here the data is stored and analyzed. Alerts are generated, based on information that has been requested by the Care Network, and sent via e-mail or a text message to the designated recipients. A Care Network member can also monitor real-time information via the Internet, view reports online, or have them sent via email.

Only members of your Care Network have access to this information, and you have full control over who sees the information and what they see. You can even choose to make the information unavailable to their dealer and CloseBy Network support personnel. The data is sent from the home to the Secure Web Server via a secure VPN link. When you log onto the system to view reports or real-time monitoring, that connection is through a secure SSL browser connection - the same kind you would use for online banking transactions.

Care Network

The right side of the graphic represents the Care Network. Through grouping, you control who receives information, what information each one gets, and how they receive it. For example, you can choose to have local family members receive alerts, but not those living out of state. However, all family members could see reports online. You can include neighbors on alerts saying a door has been left open, or a loved one has fallen and needs immediate help. And you can make online reports available to all caregivers or just family members. It is completely up to you. And groupings can be changed at any time.

Information can be sent to members of the Care Network in several ways:

For more technical information please see the list of products available below

Motion & Occupancy Sensors

Wireless Motion Sensor: A motion sensor, placed in the hallway or kitchen for example, will help you monitor if your loved one is up and moving around on their regular schedule. If you're concerned about your parent trying to move around in the dark, a motion sensor can also trigger automatic lighting, lessening the chance that someone takes a fall because they can't see in the dark. Multiple motion sensors can be added to the CloseBy Network and customized to provide the type of automation best suited to your loved one's particular situation.

Chair Occupancy Sensor: To monitor if your loved one is moving around the home, you can place the chair occupancy sensor in a favorite chair to know that he or she is present in the room. This knowledge can help you determine if the family member you're assisting is maintaining a regular routine. For example, if the sensor indicated occupancy for an extended period of time without breaks, it may indicate a problem and prompt you to check in on a loved one.

Bed Occupancy Sensor: When you install the bed occupancy sensor, you'll be able to track if your loved one is getting regular sleep. The sensor also supports, when integrated with automatic lighting, turning the lights off when someone gets into bed and turning the lights on when someone gets out of bed, a safety precaution for older family members. Through the CloseBy Network, you can monitor sleep patterns and be alerted if sleeping habits change drastically, perhaps indicating a problem.

Door & Cabinet Sensors

Micro Contact Sensor: You can install these sensors on doors, windows and drawers. With these sensors, you can know if medicine has been taken, if the fridge has been opened for eating, or if someone leaves the home. This size of these sensors makes them a perfect fit for small enclosures and unobtrusive to your loved one, helping reduce the sense that their environment has changed.

Multi-Purpose Contact/Temperature Sensor: These larger sensors can be used to monitor anything that opens and closes, like doors, window, or even gates. Perhaps you're in a care situation where youknow a loved one likes to spend time in her yard, but shouldn't wander outside a fenced in area. Connecting a contact sensor to the gate can ensure you're notified if someone goes through the gate. Your loved one maintains her freedom, but you're made aware if she leaves the safe area.

Garage Door Kit: Besides being a security risk, an open garage door can also indicate a possible issue at a love one's home. For example, if the door is opened, closed, and then not opened for an extended period of time, it may indicate that a family member has run into some difficulty outside the home. Automating the garage door also makes it possible for you to open and close it remotely, a benefit if you've discovered the door is open and you're too far away to easily close it at the house.

Health & Safety

Multi-Purpose Contact/Temperature Sensor: When placed next to the stove, you can track the temperature and be notified if the stove has been left on a defined period of time. This sensor can also help you monitor if there's a sudden temperature fluctuation in the home (e.g., onset of winter, heat wave, etc.).

Wireless Smoke Detector: Leaving older loved ones at home comes with some risks. One of those risks includes accidental fires like from leaving a pot on the stove or knocking over a heater. To help reduce the risk, tying in a wireless smoke detector to the CloseBy Network can be a great back up, alerting you if smoke is detected and giving you the option to alert emergency personnel of the situation. This feature is also valuable for monitoring a separate property (e.g., vacation home).

Telephone and Doorbell Notification: Getting older can result in a loss of hearing, an issue when it comes to hearing the telephone or doorbell ring. Through the CloseBy Network, you can be sure that loved ones "hear" a ringing phone or doorbell. For example, the system can cause lights to flash or mute the television if it detects a phone or doorbell ring. With this option, you reduce the risk of loved ones being unaware of what's happening around them.

Contact Me Button: Being CloseBy is only a button press away. Wearable as a pendant or to place throughout the home, your loved one can press a button to notify you that they need your help. Every time the button is pressed, the system also collects battery life information. This way you can monitor if it's time to replace the battery to ensure your loved one gets connected to you.

Video Support

For some families: you may benefit from adding video to your CloseBy Network. The system can support a video feed option that monitors installed video cameras, possibly improving the quality of care you can offer. These cameras might be trained on exterior entrances so you can view who is coming and going from the house for security purposes. Video can also provide the reassurance that your loved one is moving about the public areas of his or her home with ease

The CloseBy Network: supports a variety of products that enhance the level of care and assistance you can offer to loved ones in their homes. By combining different products you can create a custom system that's suited to the needs of the family you're caring for remotely. This flexibility makes it easy to create a system that can expand as needed to address different issues that arise during care giving.