Did You Know?

Interscapes is here to help you find the products it takes to make a house a home. The image above is the way you want a potential intruder to see your home. As you can see it's difficult to see exactly what's inside, and once you do see it, you get the picture. With the right home security solution from Interscape, peace of mind comes from knowing everything in and around your home is as it should be. Our security systems use sophisticated technologies to manage threats such as burglary, fire, and medical emergency.  You'd love to be everywhere at once to make sure your family is OK. You will be safe and sound with Interscapes.

With the advanced technology of a home automation system it is possible for your home to know if the doors are indeed locked and provide a status report to you should you be having one of those mornings. in the unlikly event that you left the house with the doors unlocked, it is now possible and very easy to lock the doors remotely. How's that for being sure the doors are locked?

Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

Most security companies sell basic "security packages" that include exactly that: the basics. For most homes, these packages do not provide adequate protection from burglary or break-ins. At Interscapes we take a more involved approch. Rather than focus on selling one-size-fits-all home security systems, our goal is to work with you to develop a customized security solution based on your lifestyle, your family's needs, and your home's unique features

Here are some of the ways that we use the information we gather to provide a customized solution to your security needs.

Detect an Intrusion

Some of the more common detectors for home security are listed below. We also have some features that intruders are not expecting. for security reasons we cannot provide details but rest assured, we have the edge.

Detect Enviromental Hazards

Detect Environmental Hazards

Would your house burn down if you knew when a fire would strike? Get the edge on environmental hazards with:

Operate and Control your System

Reliable Customized Service

Unlike many of our competitors, Interscapes does not use dealers to sell its products and services. Our consultants are full-time employees. This means that you will receive:

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Have the comfort of knowing that the same local company who wired your home is available to monitor your home at a very affordable price. Interscapes strives to maintain a direct and continued relationship with our customers.

Stop by our office for more information on how Interscapes can help provide piece of mind for you and your family.